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The United Sovereign of Worlds (USW) is an imperial empire which spans over approximately 586 star systems primarily in the Delta Quadrant. Two species, Humans and Korinthians, make up the majority of the population with several smaller alien species within. In all its glory, the United Sovereignty of Worlds is known as the most powerful nation in the known universe.

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The Beginning (0 AE - After Evolution) Edit

At roughly the same time, two new species emerged from their primitive lives on their own planets and expanded into the stars. These two species were known as Humans and Korinths. Both Humans and Korinths had developed quantum drive allowing them to travel between star systems. Shortly after the two species had began expeditions to other worlds, they encountered each other in the Tevron system. Realizing each others similar situation they were eager to cooperate and learn more about each other. Within the next 10 years Humans and Korinths were closely bonded allies. It was normal to see the two species coexisting on the same planet. This was the beginning of peace, harmony, and stability between the two species.

The Founding War (25-37 AE) Edit

Nearly 15 years of peace and stability between the two nations, they were soon to encounter a new force of power which would change the Delta Quadrant forever.

On a joint exploratory expedition between Humans and Korinths, a small fleet was charting new star systems on the western front of the two species borders. They entered a new star system known as the Helios system. Hours after entering the unexplored system the fleet was obliterated by an unknown hostile. Days later the Korinths were contacted by a new species. This species was known as the Shi'an. They demanded total assimilation of their species. This is what ultimately sparked the war.

This was a call to arms for Humans and Korinths, as Humans saw Korinths as their brothers. Shi'an fleets began terrorizing outer colonies of both nations as they moved deeper into enemy space. Many militias made up of local colonists in the outer systems attempted to counter act the Shi'an's fleet but failed drastically. During this time, the War elevated the courageous actions of an ambitious young officer named Collin Paris. Used as a poster-child for recruitment, Paris parlayed his newfound fame into a political career. His passion and ruthlessness quickly paved the way to the High Command position. During his time in the military, Paris was critical on defeating the Shi'an. He was the first one to introduce the idea of a bio weapon to be able to launch an offensive on the Shi'an.

Over the next 3 years both nations began making prototypes of weaponized viruses.They were a huge success. The introduction of a weaponized virus nearly changed the tide of the war in 6 months. With the Shi'an having to wage a two front war between both the Korinths and Humans, the war began looking up for a change. For the first time in the war Shi'an forces were forced to fall back. Humans and Korinths began reclaiming their colonies.

Within the next two years the Shi'an population had diminished to the millions due to the major success of the weaponized virus. The virus had led to mass spreading throughout the Shi'an species reducing their power to a minimal. The Shi'an surrendered on Alpha 15th, Archema time, 37 AE. Humans and Korinths absorbed the Shi'an worlds and enslaved the remaining populous. Because of the devastating affects of the bio weapon on the Shi'an nation, Humans and Korinths reaped the benefits of many worlds ready for the taking with little to no populous of Shi'an on their former colonies. Collin Paris was declared a hero. The two nations viewed him as the one who was responsible for the victory.

The Establishment (38-50 AE) Edit

After the Founding War both Humans and Korinths realized their potential as one. They began to form a government as one, uniting the two separate nations. The United Sovereign of Worlds came to be in 38 AE. Collin Paris was the first ever Imperator of the United Sovereign of Worlds. Both species, Humans and Korinths, idealized the United Sovereign Worlds and overlooked many governing problems. This would lead to consequences within the near future.

With the absorption of Shi'an worlds and the unification of Humans and Korinths, the government was very limited. Many systems lacked necessities like military and law enforcement. This led to many problems throughout the USW. The government had very little source of income leading to multiple government shutdowns in the span of 8 years. After many attempts to bring order to the nation, the government had its first actual collapse. 1 year later after struggling to reclaim power, many political figures, including Collin Paris, were able to regain control and reform the United Sovereign of Worlds.


A crystal resonance refinery on Juoto IV - Juoto Dynamics

In a final effort to keep the government running and find a new sources of money, the government sold newly discovered planets and systems to the a few remaining large corporations for large sums of money. The first star systems ever to be completed sold was the Huron System. It was systems like these which would lead to the success of government in the future. The government began to sell more and more systems as fast is it could. This led to an economic boom through the USW. Using the newly earned revenue of sold star systems, the government was successfully able to bring the unification it needed to support itself through its territories. Throughout the next 3 years stability came over the USW and people were finally able to live their new lives in prosperity.

Mid First to Third Century (50-300 AE) Edit

After the establishment of the United Sovereign Worlds, the government issued many new colonization doctrines for expansions. Often offered with rewards, these doctrines pushed for the colonization of new worlds to support the growing economy and expansion of the USW. For nearly 2 centuries, the USW expanded into the universe, snatching up worlds and terraforming them at an unsettling rate. With corporations being the major governing body in many star systems, citizen's rights and needs were often overlooked or neglected. It wasn't until nearly 210 years later the oppressive conduct the corporations presented caught up with them. In the year 261 AE, the Dyren Riots began.


*A picture of the R28 riot on TerraGen - August 5th, 262 AE

The Dyren Riots were a series of riots throughout the Western region of the USW. Outraged, civilians across corporate-owned star systems revolted in retaliation to the cruel and unjust treatment the corporations enforced among their inhabitants. These riots lasted nearly 3 years until the USW stepped in. Following the end of the Dyren Riots, the USW created a set of laws known as the Dyren Laws. These laws protected citizens anywhere within the USW by forcing local system governments to adhere to the laws.

The Dyren Riots and their effects weren't the only problems corporate-owned star systems caused. When USW Systems were first discovered and put onto the market for corporate purchases, they went through very few preparatory stages before being sold. After a system was initially discovered and minimally surveyed by an expeditionary fleet, evaluation teams would be sent in to appraise each planet and point of interest (e.g. an asteroid field) within the system. These surveys would only last about a year due to pressure from the government before the system was officially up for sale. Within this one year period, evaluation teams would to struggle to finish a system-wide appraisal so quickly. Very often crunched for time, the evaluation teams would take shortcuts in their work and turn a blind eye to many situations.

(Written to Year 1205)

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USW Government Structure

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The Imperator of the United Sovereign Worlds is the head of state and government in the USW. The position is usually attained by appointment from the previous Imperator. Most often the Imperator remains in power until death, however, resigning from office is an option when the Imperator deems him or herself unfit for leadership. The most uncommon end to an Imperator's reign is by the vote of the senate. The senate wields the power to vote out the current Imperator of office under extreme circumstances.

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Compromising of senators from all across USW space, the senate is the largest governing body over the people of the USW. When a planet reaches a certain population or attains a high level of influence, a planet can petition to join the senate. If accepted, the planet can elect (or appoint if the system/planet was purchased) one citizen to act as their representative in the senate. Depending on the population size or level of influence, the planet can send multiple representatives to the senate. Elected senators serve 5 year terms with no limit on how many terms while appointed senators must renew their presence every 3 years.


The senate's primary purpose is to manage inter-system affairs and legislation. The senate is called upon when

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