The Blood Pact is an alliance containing the Gezogvian superpowers Rootiga, Verdan, Kliden, Esmite, and Turine, as well as a dozen other members. It is a defensive alliance stating that all members and their respective territories will be defended by all other members in the event of a xeno-attack.

The Blood Pact has no interaction with the Association of Gezogvian Nations, as the AGN applies to Gezogvian wars while the BP specifically exists in defense of xeno-wars.


The alliance was formed between the Gezogvian superpowers of Rootiga, Verdan, Esmite, Turine, and Kliden in 2370 in response to the growing threat of Insectoids in the galaxy.

Two years after the creation of the alliance, the Blood Pact began the Cleansing war, the initial target was the Insectoid population, however the war found its way to all forms of life in the galaxy, including non-sentient. The Cleansing war resulted in a total of 26 trillion sentient deaths, all of which were non-Gezogvian. As well as the extinction of 800 sentient species, and an estimated 4 billion non-sentient. The Cleansing war was the only offensive war ever conducted by the Blood Pact, however multiple defensive wars have been fought.


Only Gezogvian nations are able to join the Blood pact. The membership of a new nation must be voted upon by the founding nations. Each founding nation sends a representative responsible for casting a single vote.

Alpha Map 2.0

Map of the Alpha Quadrant


Status of the Blood Pact in the Alpha Quadrant

Founders Current Members Applying Banned
Rootiga Tulapeo Oluivenary Enoch
Verdan Nekoya Tunebau Evelo
Turine Bevack Tezvan Yureno
Esmite Mongal Nant Nuveskot
Kliden Sequet Yureno
Torekore Vuelak
Jelei Leven
Rekon Drevo

Territorial Members

Rootigan Verdanian Turinian Esmitian Torekoren
Calraniol Timen Bagule Xafos Nomer
Teka Llveen Welate Furack Lebon
Kuln Cunran
Halvon Venyate
Apalyon Manyon
Kreden Kembike