Government & Laws Edit


  • Man was created by God and created with intelligence and the ability to speak, therefore it would be a sin against God to deny Man the ability to speak freely
  • Man was created equal in Gods eyes, there for, all Gezogvian humans will follow the same laws, with no exceptions
  • Man was created in Gods image, therefore Man must protect Gods image by taking arms against any creature that dares to defile the image of God, whether in defense or not
  • Man was created as the superior being by God, so it is stated in the Ronvel that Man rules over Gezogvia and all the creatures on it, it is determined that the needs of Man will be placed higher than any other
  • Man was created a free being, as in our best interest, the citizens of this nation have the right to possessions of their own
  • Man was created in the image of God, it is our duty to serve and protect his name with the creation of a voluntary military in his honor, in which the citizens of this nation are not and will never be forced into, as one can only chose to follow God's path
  • Man was created under the rule of God, with the need for a man to lead our people, a ruler true to God and his values, will be elected by the people

Important Galactic Laws Edit

  1. Article 1 Section 1.1 - Varzagranism is the state religion and this is to be until the end of time
  2. Article 2 Section 1.1 - The Rootigan citizen is defined as being a Human born and raised in Rootiga, whilst the parents must also have been born in Rootiga, by Rootigans
  3. Article 2 Section 1.2 - All liberties of the constitution are guaranteed only to citizens
  4. Article 2 Section 3.1 - Humans of Gezogvian descent, originating from Gezogvian nations are the only acceptable applicants for immigration
  5. Article 2 Section 3.4 - In order to immigrate the applicant must be completely fluent in Gezogvian
  6. Article 3 Section 4.1 - Only Gezogvian human Rootigan male citizens may volunteer for the armed forces
  7. Article 3 Section 4.2 - All citizens are required to one years compulsory armed force service regardless of male or female at age 19
  8. Article 4 Section 2.1 - Compulsory firearm ownership consisting of one rifle of the citizens choice and a conceal carry
  9. Article 8 Section 6.3 - It is required in all school that children say the pledge of allegiance at the start of the school day
  10. Article 8 Section 6.5 - The citizens of Rootiga are required to attend school from ages 6-18
  11. Article 9 Section 7.1 - No man may work on the last day of the week for it is a holy day
  12. Article 9 Section 7.8 - The citizens of Rootiga cannot work more than 6 hours a day, 36 hours a week
  13. Article 11 Section 3.5 - All citizens having visited the forbidden worlds may never return home

Government Organization Edit

Rootiga has a president called a Turinavent that is elected by the Gezogivan population living inside its borders. Turinavental elections occur every six years, the term limit for a Turinavent is three consecutive terms. Despite being a Turnaist system, the Rootigan Nationalist Party typically takes more than 97% of the nations votes.

Every planet in the Republic of Rootiga elects a senator, of which represents the world in the Kolven Turnai. The Kolven Turnai is a council of Rootigan elected officials. In order to retain power of the capital, the states on Gezogvia have as much political influence as planets do in Turninavental elections.

Structure of the Kolven Turnai Edit

The Kolven Turnai is divided into

Representative Senator Governor Korden Turinavent
Reports to only senator Reports to all above Reports specifically to the Korden Reports to the Turinavant Commands Korden and governors
No place in Kolven Turnai Designated seating in KT Designated seating in KT Director of the Kolven Turnai sessions Final decision on any and all bills
Runs provinces on planets Runs planetary government Represents interstellar regions Runs the Kolven Turnai Runs all divisions of the government, places cabinet members in all offices

History Edit

Founded 1542 BT