Date Event
1550 Classical Era
1542 Kingdom of Rootivakjeta is founded, Rootavia is born
1508 Queen Rootavia dies
1497 Republic of Rootiga is founded
731 Continent of Rootavia is fully mapped out
265 Medieval Era
AT The Birth of Varzagranist Figure
112 First cannons
244 Expansion Era
719 First handheld guns
757 Rootigan-Verdanian war
770 Discovery of electricity
776 Industrial Era
790 Markenia is annexed peacefully
796 Turinia is annexd peacefully
1113 Atomic Era
821 Bevania is annexed peacefully
1452 Modern Era
1472 Second Rootigan-Verdanian War
1526 Vardossa is annexed peacefully
1537 Cunrania is annexed by force
1680 Third Rootigan-Verdanian War
1693 Verdan is annexed by force
1695 Mongalia is annexed by force
1697 Tezvania is annexed by force, Gezogvia under Rootigan control
1700 Information Era
1710 Space program begins
1756 Rootigan men land on the Gezogvian moon
1767 Colony set up on Gezogvian moon
1790 Civil war breaks out
1793 Interstellar Era, nationalist government, first interstellar colonization
1794 Krekon Valkozek, contact with alien life, hyper speed discovered
1820 Interstellar colonization efforts made
1833 Cloning discovered, and outlawed
1858 Anti-gravity technology discovered
1877 10th interstellar colony established, Grand Empire of Rootiga is founded
1925 Discovery of alien life
1927 First genocide of an alien species
2006 First alien species genocided to extinction
2020 Artificial gravity technology discovered
2079 10th alien species genocided to extinction
2164 100th alien species genocided to extinction
2217 Colonial war begins
2223 Colonial war ends, Rootiga loses 60% of its territory, Republic of Rootiga is re-founded
2265 Discovery of the first xeno-nation, Anastasia, Blood Pact is formed
2385 Exterminator warships are developed
2391 Teleportation discovered
2450 Anastasian civil war
2480 2500 naval streamline designs are produced, second Anastasian civil war
2482 Jump technology discovered
2485 Intergalactic Era
2500 New naval designs are released to the public
2503 Tulapeo annexed peacefully