Overall Assessment Edit

Nations are also divided by their living standards, technological capabilities, and their political and economic stability

Utopian Edit

These nations are among the best to live in, in the galaxy. An average of 95% of resources go to consumer goods. Utopians are usually the forefront of technological development in the galaxy, paving the way for others to follow. Utopian nations have below average economic stability and very rarely see economic growth. Politics of Utopian nations are the most stable in the galaxy, making these nations extremely rare to find.

Modern Edit

These nations are average, there is nothing special about them, no major flaws. Modern nations have very good living standards and usually a strong economy, while able to compete with galaxies technological level. Most modern nations have average economic stability with very high growth. These nations have average political stability.

Developed Edit

These nations are below average, living standards will meet all your basic needs, they have access to most amenity's, however seriously fall behind in their technological level. Developed nations economy's are usually pretty bad, they are very stable yet see little to now growth. These country's usually have decent political stability however it is still far below average.

Undeveloped Edit

These are the worst nations to possibly live in the galaxy, they fail to meet most basic needs and fail to provide almost all amenity's. These nations vary to the extreme, some will see great economic growth while some see none, however most see little growth. These nations are almost always the result of a disastrous political structure, and have fall back thousands of years on the technological scale.

Species Edit

Nations are divided by the species of which either have a majority of the population, rule over a the country, or both.

No Title Edit

The majority of nations in the galaxy recieve no title, as they have a largely mixed population, and or treat all equally.

Human Nation Edit

Human nations have a citizen population of 100% Humans, the governments of these countries are run entirely by Humans. Most human nations deny rights and citizenship to non-human populations.

Xeno-Nation Edit

The term is unofficial and is mostly used by Gezogvians and refers to countries of which have an entirely non-human population, or suppress the rights of human minorities.

Size Edit

Size is determined by the number of inhabited systems that a nation controls.

  • City State - Contains only a single planet
  • Micro Nation - Contains only a single system
  • Small - Contains an average 5 systems
  • Medium - Contains an average of 15 systems
  • Large - Contains more than 30 systems
  • Super Power - Contains more than 50 systems

(military power and economic power play more of a role than controlled systems in determining a superpower)