Esmite is one of the Gezogvian superpowers, and currently a member of the Blood Pact. Esmite was the first of the Republic of Rootiga's colonies to take place outside of their home system. Esmite was the one of three colonies established by the Rootigan Space Agency in 1784, prior to the creation of the Department of Intergalactic Colonization and Developement. Esmite is a temperate world named after the rich Ezmiritan deposits, and had a massive influx of Rootigan citizens during the 1789 civil war, of which the majority were Progressive party supporters.

Esmite is considered the outlier of the Blood Pact, as Esmite is the most politically left wing of the five. Esmite has grown farther apart from its tradition sister state the Republic of Rootiga, and has had its membership in the Blood Pact greatly debated in recent years. Esmite had conducted great colonization efforts in the mid 24th century, however due to the Esmitian-Verdanian war, the colonization had slowed down, yet came to a complete stop as a result of the terms of the treaty of Kud Ven.

Despite taking sixth place in terms of military might, the Turnaist Republic of Esmite is one of the few superpowers in the galaxy. The nation is currently undergoing conflict with the souther portion of its central colonies, which have banded together under the name Oluivenary. To complicate the situation, the Republic of Rootiga and Republic of Verdan have recognized the independence of Oluivenary. It is assumed that this is due to the populations right wing extremist rhetoric of which are openly and proudly supportive of Gezogvian traditional values.

The Republic of Esmite since its early days has had major internal political strife, produced by the highly divided population, the situation only worsens with the Oluivenary war. Esmite is one of the galaxies economic powerhouses, traditionally aligning itself with Rootiga, however as the Progressive party has gained more control, the government has made a greater push to distance itself from the Republic of Rootiga, and align itself with Enoch and Tezvan, in fear of invasion.

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